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In every article on a healthy lifestyle, you can read about the healthy habits that affect health: healthy eating, enough sleep, manageable amount of stress, happy interactions, as little bad spells as smoking and alcohol, and of course more movement.

How much movement is enough?
Doctors and sports professionals say that an adult needs two to three times a week to maintain health, with two forms of exercise:

With aerobic exercise, which speeds up the heartbeat, such as fast walking, running, cycling, tennis, swimming, team sports, hiking … The purpose of the exercise is to increase the heart rate by 50 to 60 percent in a dormant state. Can you still talk or sing a song during your workout? Then, in the area of ​​aerobic workouts and muscles, you still have enough oxygen to extract toxins and lactic acid from them. So strengthen your cardiovascular strength, increase your respiratory ability and take care of the immune system.

With exercises for strength and flexibility, which must be assembled to strengthen all muscle groups (legs, arms, hip, back, chest and shoulder ring). These can be exercises where you exercise with your own weight, lifting weights, stretching exercises, yoga … As with the aging body, it's starting to lose muscle in twenty years, so it's definitely good for you to do power exercises. The positive effect of these exercises is accelerated metabolism, preservation of flexibility of joints and bonds, and maintenance of muscle mass.

There are even more positive effects of the exercise. It is not negligible that during physical activity, endorphins that affect the well-being are eliminated, and by the way strengthen the immune system. This helps you not to put your first autumn virosis in the bed. Moderate exercise is also the best long-term protection against cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity …

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But it does not matter which sport you are dealing with
Many do not only deal with sports because of health, but also because they find a challenge in it, experience the risk, check their reactions and responses and enjoy the adrenaline. But if the risk is translated into numbers, it turns out that the risk is also dangerous. Statistics show that high risk sports such as canyoning, sailing, paragliding and hang gliding, martial arts, water sports such as sailing and diving, as well as sports with weapons, could still be listed.

This is also the sport that the insurer understands as risky, therefore they influence the calculation of the premium for life insurance. When you make a life insurance, it does not care what your lifestyle is, what your good habits and bad habits are, the key factors that influence the calculation of the premium are age, body mass index, any increased danger of the profession that a person performs, and any dangerous leisure activities or sports.

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