His choice is frivolous and harmful


President Borut Pahor Held a ceremony at the Presidential Palace on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the plebiscite, at which a celebratory speaker Haribar Memorial. Among other things, she talked about the current situation. She said of the current government: “The one who undoubtedly did a little more than others in the war for Slovenia, namely Janez Janša, Then Secretary of Defense, sells us today as his property, as sweaters, to the Hungarians and to someone else. This pushes us into authoritarian countries under the rule of law. “

The prime minister also took to Twitter Janez Janša, Which was particularly critical of the President of the Republic. He described his choice to choose Hribar as the keynote speaker as frivolous and harmful.

»The SDZ under the leadership of dr. Dimitrija Rupla. In addition to dr. Pučnika Was the chief negotiator. He should speak at the 30th anniversary event, not the demos smasher. Borut Pahor’s choice is frivolous and harmful. The move by Borut Phor, who is well acquainted with the 30-year instrumentalization of speech, only increases intolerance in this situation. The motive is however in an attempt to hide opinions Fisher In He ran, Who made it clear during the negotiations that they do not see a future for the SD party in independent Slovenia.«

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