& # 39; I had a Prince's blood on my hands & # 39;


The Eyewitnesses described as the 97-year-old Prince Philip pulled through the roof of his rover, which was shocked and shocked, and had his blood on his hands. The prince was supposed to be blinded by the son when he drove into the Traveler Road, where a kia, who contained two women and a baby, ran into it.

In a car accident at Sandringmmingham, where two vehicles are involved …Photo: Professor

British prince Philip He did well in an accident at Sandringming, in which two vehicles were involved, as it was almost not damaged. In the second vehicle there are two women and a 10-month-old child, and all three went to hospital. One broke her arm, the other injured her knee and the child was not injured.

… Prince Philip took it almost without damage.Photo: App

One of the first in the scene of the accident was a 75-year-old lawyer Roy WarneWho drove home with his wife VictorioWho also helped Philip get out of the car. Philip was supposed to be available in a quite busy 149, but because he was blinded by the sun, he did not see the kie ride, which slipped slowly into his vehicle with less than one hundred kilometers an hour.

"I looked down and saw the Prince's blood on my hands, all I can think of, thank God that it was gone. I rushed to another car where the smoke was explaining. Was the kid crying, " Warne described the event for the newspaper The sun. "My legs, where can I get my legs?" He was probably screaming doctor of Edinburgh, Varenna said.

Five police and two life rafts were hired to the scene of the accident, they gave artificial respite to the prince, took him to the hospital for examination, and now he requires the Sandrhmingley estate with his wife, Queen Elizabeth Next to her. The observation will be 48 hours if there are no signs of internal or external injury.

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