Tournament from four countries: Slovaks, under the age of 18, played a lot with the Japanese


today 22:30

Slovak hockey players under the age of 18 lost in the third competition in the tournament of four countries in the German city of Bad Tölz. On Saturday they did not reach Japan and played high 0: 6. At the event they are the fourth place.

Tournament of four countries in Bad Tölz, Germany / source: SZĽH /:

Japan "18" – Slovakia "18" 6: 0 (3: 0, 1: 0, 2: 0)

Goals: 16. Jamašita (Šigaová), 19. Šigaová (Itoová, Cucumiová), 19. Ušiová, 37. Itoová (Tomiučiová), 45. Sonojaová (Jamašitaová, Ušiová), 47. Šimomukajova (Sasakiová) 2: 6, strength and naughtiness: 0: 0. The following decisions were made: Wohlgemuth – Lossley, Schlotthauer, 20 spectators.

SR circuit "18": Zimková (14. Fabriová) – Kušmíreková, Vysokajova, Kročilová, Leskovianská, Vrbinská, Planeknauerová, Kánová, Jašková – Nemčeková, R. Halušková, Dobošová – Klimantová, Matejková, Šimnová – Láhová, Schredlová, Cengelová – Kapičáková, Štetiarová, Gáliková

Peter Kúdelka, coach SR "18": "The first third we played with our neoconcentration game was 0: 3, played without a heart, without inflammation, and so it looked like ice, when we do not use the first third, but we managed to change the development of the game, we made an opportunity and with a strong team of Japan we managed to play a balanced game. Unfortunately, our goal is that we can return to the match, it did not change, we did not have the strength in the third third We were very positive for the match in Bad Tölz, despite a third of matches with Japan, we were satisfied with a team game, in the positive light we saw some new players, and we also noticed an improvement compared to the August event in Púchov. We believe that we will continue to advance and that we will graduate in January at world championships. "

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