The new Hyundai Santa Fe doesn't want to be just your protector


Yes, if we look at the design of the new Hyundai Santa Fe, there are minimal problems. People like it or not. Fortunately, according to the first reaction of the environment, it is precisely the group that likes it more. But the condition is to see the new Santa Fe life. Not a single photo will reveal as much as a reasonable encounter.

Just like that, I was in it. I knew the previous generation of each corner and thanks to the huge front mask, the large side surfaces, and of course the big part of the fall, it was a car that looked almost like a small tank.

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The fourth generation comes with radical changes. The more compact crossover model Hyundai Cona has divided its front mask. In the top, daylight running lights used, extending efficiently into a large radiator grille. If you would like to find the main headlights in this room, you are wrong.

They were located at the bottom in a specially shaped space that evokes the air inlet. You can't even notice the nicely divided lens for low beam and high beam. Of course, as a modern SUV, Santa Fe also has a complete lead.

So both the passing beam and the high beam are shining more and more, as is the automatic switch of the dipped beam and the high beam. But why the carpenters have kept the normal halogen direction indicators is mystery. It works a bit outdated in this configuration. At the same time, dangerous lights use LED technology.

In the front, the attentive eye also noticed some of the first signs that the new Santa Fe was packed with modern technology up to his head. Under the big mark of the carriers, an adaptive cruiser control is available for radar and at the front of the window you will find some sensors.

Hyundai Santa Fe can be equipped with both Adaptive Travel Control and Line Tracking System. What I do in this case is that the track tracking system has three settings. It is up to you whether it will actively intervene in the control, or you will only choose to alert you when crossing the center and side lines, or even shutting down the system altogether.

The system itself is very good and although it does not always keep the car in the ideal center, it does not have the problem of recognizing lines other than white, which is sometimes a problem with similar systems. Only occasionally did my rather harsh reaction abstract me.

In addition, there is a camera in the front window that tracks the marks around it. Although this feature may seem like unnecessary, I found several times that I did not notice the brand, and this system helped me.

Of course, it does not work at 100%, as it does not expect the restriction to stop paying for us at the intersection, so it happens that the speed limit will be lit, when it is no longer valid. However, in most cases, this system is a real help.

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You may say what's going on, because navigation information is also shown by navigation. Yes, but the problem is that navigation is often unable to take account of current changes and limitations.

When we are in the windows of the Hyundai Santa Fe, I can't mention the head-up display, which in this case is just a premium machine. Not only is it clear, large, or you can also adjust the speedometer for better recognition, but it also displays information that isn't always found in similar cars.

Of course, there is information about current speed, traffic restrictions, or adaptive adaptive speed, but in addition, the head-up display also includes navigation information, or even blind spot tracking system information.

The team is of course also equipped with Hyundai Santa Fe. However, if you look at both the rear-view mirror and the head-up display, you won't miss it easily. I just need to install the hi-tech hi-fi technology.

And I didn't get back. Yes, of course, this has also undergone a change in design and you will surely notice the new LED light graphics graphics. Of course, there is also the electric luggage compartment opening, which has a 625 liter volume of five-seater version tested.

However, I have to regret Hyundai for its luggage compartment layout. Not only do you have a flat floor, but there is also a place to put any small items you don't need to take with you every day.

But what matters is the Hyundai Santa Fe looks out for the rear passengers. Yes, where children are usually sitting. This is a machine that will give them a lot of attention. Only when you get out of the car will warn you that you have to control the rear seats so that you do not accidentally leave your baby in it.

However, if you have been bigger children, Hyundai Santa Fe will take them for you. The moment you hold and the kids want to open the door in the back, but the help systems feel that the car comes from behind, they automatically lock the rear doors. It does not happen that your child opens the door just before another car comes from.

The cherry on the cake is only a 360 ° unit that records the environment of the car. You can't just see it, but thanks to it you can see the entire neighborhood of the car. This is also true at night when many cameras have a problem with displaying quality on their cars.

In addition to the camera itself, there are also parking sensors that can be found around the car. In addition, the rear has a feature that automatically stops the car if you leave the car park and notice the operating machine.

You might say that Hyundai Santa feels really like everything. In terms of security systems, it's really the most equipped Hyundai. In addition, systems can work very well together.

Although I spent only one week with the new Hyundai Santa Fe, I spent more than 1,500 km on it, so I checked it out. I have to say that this is a great leap forward compared to previous generation. Not that the past Santa Fe is comfortable, but it's a straight up one.

By adjusting the seats to adjust or by Hyundai, by typically sliding the driver's seat away from the engine, making it easier to get in or out of heating and cooling.

In addition, Santa Fe also has an automatic mode for the thermal comfort of the seats. Without your intervention, the temperature can automatically be adjusted. Simply sit in the cold car in the morning, so it warms your seat a little and cools you all day long in the sun.

However, with the air conditioning seated carefully. Even at the weakest level, it is often quite intense, so I have always learned to shoot it for just a few minutes and then shut it down. Still, I do not want to risk my back cold.

If I remember that the new Hyundai Santa Fe is better than the previous one, I can't forget the chassis. He is literally tuned to our "ways." It is a great pleasure to have a great feeling of success and success. In turns, it is not tapped or exaggerated and you will not even feel any fluctuations while driving. You simply handle the chassis with most of the inclusions and you as a driver won't even know about it.

While in the previous version, the engine, which uses enough power and torque, is the new 2.2-liter CRD with a power output of 147 kW and a torque of 440 nm. Maybe not so much breakthrough, but they are more than enough for this car.

Despite the reported acceleration of 9.6 seconds to one hundred, I was somewhat exaggerated. But what literally got me was consumption. After 1,500 km, my average stopped at 6.6 l / 100km! This is for a similarly great car and combination of roads that I have literally taken.

A great credit for good consumption is also the new eight-speed automatic, which really suits the car. You don't even know he advises individual gears. However, Hyundai has also featured the Santa Fe with several driving modes, adding a brand new smart mode.

This changes the engine, gearbox and gas pedal response to the current situation. Usually similar modes are simply useless, but in the case of Santa Fe, I have to say that Smart Mode works on a camera and really helps to achieve even better consumption.

The new Hyundai Santa Fe has undergone a radical change in design. But this is not just novelty. In addition, it offers state-of-the-art assistance systems, roomy interiors and comfort that will make it hard to complete several thousand kilometers. In addition, the machine manufacturer is able to fine-tune the engine and transmission, so you will be driving with similarly large cars with similarly large cars. This piece in our editorial team is definitely the top editorial award.

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