Tesla leads Muska Robyn Denholm


Functions were submitted for financial investigation by financial supervisors last month.

November 8, 2018 at 9:27 (updated November 8, 2018 at 10:01 AM) CST

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SAN FRANCISCO. Tesla will be replaced by former boss and founder Elon Muska as new CEO of the board Robyn Denholm. The American electric car maker said this in his comment.

Men's qualities were submitted to the financial supervisors a month ago.

Over a period of more than four years

Tesla said that Denholm, who worked as Telstra's managing director for Telstra's largest telecommunications company and headed his strategic service, led the permanent working world.

Tesla has been running since August 2014.

In August, a man was surprised by the financial markets when he wrote in his Twitter account that he was considering Tesla to deal with and withdraw his shares from public trading. He added that he had the means for his intention and that he would offer an amount that would be significantly higher than his current market value.

Later, he said that he was still negotiating with potential investors and that no agreement had yet been concluded.

By agreement

The Stock Exchange Commission then filed a lawsuit stating that the statement of Tesla's acquisition and withdrawal of shares did not have a real basis, was untrue and misleading, which led to market chaos and damaged investors.

But soon afterwards, the commission with Tesla and Musk agreed to settle the costs.

Tesla and Musk agree to pay twenty million dollars, while Musk must resign from the position of president of the board for at least three years. However, General Manager of Tesla can remain.

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