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Miroslav Stoch

Miroslav Stoch on a spectacular show.

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Miroslav Stoch returned to the Slovak office after more than two years. The current player Slavie Prague came to Šamorín for a football match that was well set and with a smile on his face. While he avoided the media in the past, he patiently responded to journalists' questions.

"I'm glad to come back. I really enjoyed it. I saw you here
mostly old faces. Most of the players stayed a lot on the team
did not change that. I did not know just about younger players, but personally
this is not a problem, we will meet quickly. Now we have to do it
so that we can succeed at the next two meetings "
said Stoch, a 21-year-old who was in the Slovak Republic
staff in June of June 2016 in the finals of the European Championship in

He admitted that in a long break he still thought he would return to the national team,
He believed it would. "I will not mislead, but I certainly am not
it was always a great honor to represent Slovakia. So I'm very happy
I've got this opportunity and I also make the best use of this option, "he added

Stoch on a representative
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Stoch on a representative
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He telephoned coach Pavol Hapal several times and then met
Prague. "We had a long conversation. Now there will be plenty of time for us
we could talk again. I no longer trained under Hapalom
he did not play, but I think he was appointed as a Slovak representative
a good choice and I believe that we will still have a good success ",
he continued.

He thinks he has changed in more than two years, has become a father and not only
older, but also more responsible. "Many scandals that touched me were
in the media. For those who did, I was excused and aware
You're wrong. Now I'm just focusing on football and my family, and I'm really here
satisfied. "

Stoch is currently running, has a form, and has reached two in the last round
goals in the league match with Zlin (Slavia 3: 1). in recent
six goals scored seven goals.

"I'm glad to do it, but it's important to be successful.
We fight on three fronts and we are at all. But we're waiting
still far. "

Especially for him will be the fight against the Czechs in the League of Nations on Monday
especially because he will play at the Slavie Stadium, which he is now
home. In the Czech nomination there are two other players.

"This is a really special situation, I will be at home, but in the game
I wonder how he feels. But first, we are waiting for a meeting
with Ukraine. Therefore, it is almost fragmented with the Czechs. I do not know how
the coach will decide and give me a chance at all, "he explained.

He acknowledged that the goal in Eden was excellent for the Slovak team
challenge. "The whole game is a big challenge. It's a federal derby and for
they both have a lot of significance. This will be very demanding, but we look forward to it
Take it for it. But as I said, now Ukraine is. About Bohemia
We will have fun then, "replied Miroslav Stoch.

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