Samsung Galaxy F – foldable smartphone, which we will see next year

Samsung is shaping the future of smartphones. With the new feature of Samsung Galaxy F, this South Korean giant will revolutionize next year.

Samsung last week was a display on which it worked and did not last long, and we also had a slide show with a slide show featuring the Samsung Galaxy F.

It's not the final look, as the video appeared in YouTube Connel Creator. The resulting smartphone may look different, but the concept is great.

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LookSamsung W2019 – a new "switch" with two AMOLED screens

The Samsung Galaxy F has up to two screens that you can stack to create one large 7,3-inch screen with a resolution of 1 536 x 2 152 pixels. The Composite Smartphone has a screen size of 4.58 "and a resolution of 840 x 1,960 pixels.

Both screens will be merged. This department is the most technological enthusiast. Creating a customizable screen that looks good when folded out is challenging for today's technological advancement. Let's see how Samsung will handle the upcoming flexible smartphone.

The screen display allows users to use smartphones as tablets, for example, to watch movies or graphics. Options can be rich.


LookSamsung already has its first flexible mobile phone, but it will not sell it yet

According to information, you would expect a smartphone to wait until next year for an unspecified price. Folded concepts of smartphones also work with other companies, such as Chinese Lenovo.

Yonhap News Agency announces that it will be announced in full in March 2019 and that the price may climb to $ 1,770. The company also claims that the innovation will support 5G Internet access. What would you say about such a concept and if you could decide, would you like to be a classic smartphone or foldable smartphone?

sourceyonhapnews, The Verge

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