Rainbow Six Siege will play in Morocco – Xboxer in the fourth season


Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege is constantly moving forward, and the fourth season of the third year of Rainbow Six Siege is approaching us. We know this because Ubisoft started the worrying content of the new season.

The third winter in the Rainbow Six Siege will be completely exotic, with the rainbow six being sent to sunny Morocco, where two new operators could also arrive. We do not know their identity yet, but we believe that Ubisoft will not last much before it even reveals it. The fourth season will also be the latest in the third year of the game and it is expected that the fourth season will pass in the next season to give players immediate access to the next upcoming game.

The new R6S season should also be accompanied by the release of the game in Asia and related censorship of content that is not allowed in the country. This includes, for example, editing icons, removing gaming machines or mitigating neo-promotional erotic clubs. This decision came with a critique, but far from what Blizzard met with the announcement of the mobile Diablo: Immortal.

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