PlatinumGames: Scalebooks canceled because both sides are different


Many months ago, Microsoft canceled scales, which did not please fans. The title is supposed to be the new Xbox Exclusivity he worked on through pliginigames, the author of Bayonetta. The novelty is a mix of Devil May crush characters and spectacular battles with different dragons.

However, the title did not match the quality that Microsoft expected, and as a result, it was postponed, and later many players blamed Microsoft for this decision, the latest interview with Platinum Cameras, headaches, reveals more about the situation. He claims he doesn't want to owe Microsoft the whole thing because of both sides of the error:

"It's not easy. Both sides fail. We didn't do everything we needed to be a developer. It's not easy for us to follow the fans who are upset with Microsoft for cancellation. Because, in fact, when no play in development can get to the finals, it is because both sides have been different.

I think there are areas that we could do better and what we would like to do better. At the same time, however, there are things that Microsoft would like better than our partner to release the game. Looking at the bare minimum, scalding is especially to us as a title in which we feel we haven't done everything we wanted and what we need in terms of development. During the development, we received a lot of painstaking lessons, which, ultimately, helps us grow as a studio.

I can't go into details, though, because there are some rules and terms and conditions that make us confidential. With the publisher, we still want to make sure that when he gave us a game that is right for him, we do not process it badly. The truth is, we really do not like the fact that Microsoft had to suffer the anger of the fans because both sides fail. Game development is tough and both sides have learned. Also, I would not say that the experience of the scales has influenced us to make the games themselves. Frankly, the fact is, we've had many titles canceled in the past. This is also part of what comes with making video games."

Therefore, game development is extremely challenging and sometimes really hard on emotion. Therefore, it's nice that Inaba helped give more light to this issue and explained that Microsoft is not blaming itself. It is unclear that we will ever see scallops in the future, which Microsoft still owns.

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