Mamba singer 9 days after hard work: complications … Even in the hospital, they had to do this!


She was one of the most beautiful and most suitable teenagers of the Slovak scouting. With her joy in anticipation of a little son she met with fans. There was silence in thinking, and the fan was clear that Mamba was probably a happy mother.

Photo synchronization on the social network was not only a singer, but also her partner Tony. Proud parents hardly express the unparalleled happiness they experience after the Mali Manola was brought home. Despite being happy, Mamba has survived a difficult period – due to health complications.

Happy parents praised Instagram.

Mamba singer 9 days

Source: Instagram T.P.

She also informed her fans about her progress during her birth and why she postponed her contribution to Instagram. "This photo was born 3 days after birth, I have a third infusion of blood on it. It's completely funny – who can say that he has the right bloody night of the witches? Call me a strange vampire," wrote a brunette.

After Mumba's birth, she returned to the hospital.

Mamba singer 9 days

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Every child does not go for a pink garden, but each parent goes through different ways. Although mothers who have their little ones in a few moments, others are concerned for hours. Mamba admitted that it was not easy for her. In twelve hours she was in sync, but she claims she does not want anyone.

"During my birth, besides me, I also had four other women who I heard, which I think they were behind. At one point, he was born, and it seemed that it would not work. For the first time, it seemed so terrible the feeling of despair is the worst, writes Dasha frankly.

With Tony, happy parents are a little Manole.

Mamba singer 9 days

Source: Jan Zemiar

Beside her, her fiancé, who was and is a strong support for her, stood firm. "Look at it in parallel and see the complete despair of the face of a man who loves you more than you. Who sees that you have given up. In short, I understand that the birth is truly the hardest thing in life and that it far exceeds the limitation of capacity. , I was happy with little life and health, " the new mummy finally settled down.

Despite the childbirth problems, she enjoys wonderful synchronization today. She had to leave for a few days and return to the hospital. "After the release, I had pain and complications that I did not feel at home, so I decided to check and find out allergy to the sewing of material, which caused the entire wound to be opened after the birth. I returned to the hospital where they worked in anesthesia – the third one has been restored, " talking about their problems.

Many mothers go through a difficult period during and after the birth and Mamba is just a man. She is grateful for the father of her child, who represented him during the care of Manol while in the hospital. "I did not want a better person, more support" loud singer acknowledges. Dashi is looking for a quick recovery, so as soon as possible he returns to the beloved men of his life.

Dashine a sincere word about birth, complications and life priorities.

Mamba singer 9 days

Source: Instagram D.S.

Have you or anyone in your neighborhood experienced such a difficult birth?

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