Kaufland's adventurous calendar smiles at the children in their homes


Respect APP has prepared for Kaufland a proposal for a future children's story calendar and a parent-based campaign.

She lived happily with her family in New Zealand. One day, it was an unfortunate accident
He fell into a fruit box and got a boat in Slovakia. Now she has to find the way back,
be at Christmas at home. The speech is about the Kiwi bird, which became a Christmas mascot
Kaufland Campaigns to promote Calendar Calendar for calendar. That's the agency
Take note of APP.

This year's Advent calendar will be attended only by Kaufland children as well as children in childhood
homes. Money from Smile civil society as a gift of over 35
Years of work to search for children in their homes is a real home. Part of the campaign
is a television point where it is explicitly shown that whilst children's parties are delighted
calendar, another child in the children's home can experience even more joy. A campaign is added
printed matter and external surfaces.

The agency also prepared an animated narrative, divided into four parts, the main character of which is
Kiwi bird from the Advent Calendar. Each episode will gradually come to the site
Kaufland every arrival on Sunday. Kaufland will also impress the children of their clients and children in Ljubljana
children's homes.

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