Inside Xbox X018 – A summary of the most important news from Mexico


For some time, Mexico has become the center of Xbox One fans. Microsoft brought decent news in X018.

One of the biggest predictions for the X018 was the announcement of the purchase of development studios InXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. The first named studio is Wasteland and The Bard's Tale, and the second studio became the name Star Wars: The Sith Lords, Fallout: New Vegas, The Stoles of Eternity and South Park: The Stick Truth.

Both studies were created by joining former Black Isle Studios students. Microsoft will have a free hand in both studies, and both will continue to work separately and separately on their existing and new projects, which will then be published at Microsoft's headquarters.

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An outstanding success on X018 was announced the addition of the PlayerUnknown gaming field to the Xbox Game Pass. In addition to PUBG, 16 additional titles will be added to this subscription, starting with the first title of Thief of Thieves. Later in November, representatives from Mayhem, MXGP3 and Thomas Was Alone will join.

December, Kingdom: Crowns, Ori and Blind Forest and Hellblade: Sena's Victim. Later, After exhaustion, Mutant year zero, Supermarket Shriek, The Good Life, Pathologic 2, Mysterious Neighbor, Void Bastards and Ori and Will of Wisps next year. In addition, new members can receive the first month of subscriptions for only $ 1 until January 3rd.

No less important announcement is the addition of keyboard and mouse support, which will come as an update this week. The first title, supported by keyboard and mouse, will be Fortune, which will distribute gamers based on related external devices. Other supported addresses will include Vigor, War Thunder, or Xmorph Defense.

The end date of Crackdown 3 was published after a few delays. The games will be announced on February 15, 2019 and a new Wrecking Zone game is introduced next to the list. In this mode, the player's weapon is an environmental environment that eliminates opponents. Crackdown 3 will be released as part of the Xbox Game Pass, and the original Crackdown will be available for free on November 30th.

Minecraft, which currently has 91 million active players, also got time on X018. Minecraft Marketplace will bring new content from PixelHeads, the history of cats and monsters that will arrive at Minecraft will be shown next month.

Sea of ​​Thieves can look forward to other free updates that will come early next year. The Arena Arena adds a new rapid competition regime, a new area and a new shark company that will bring new challenges and challenges.

Forza Horizon 4 will also receive new content on December 13, when Fortune Island arrives on Xbox and Windows 10. The new island will bring racing under unfavorable conditions as well as other Ken Blocks. Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons owners will receive Fortune Island for free.

Shorter to new content is waiting for the state of decay 2 fans who will be able to download the new Zedhunter package on November 16.

The new announced game is Void Bastards, created by a studio of irrational games, made up of former Bioshock creators. The title will be released in the coming year and will be released immediately after the release of the Xbox Game Pass.

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