In Trnava, people were arrested, suspected of stealing and deceiving the pensioners


Police detained two men and one woman who was stolen by thousands of elderly people.

The Trnava police detained two men and one woman who robbed the elders. TASR informed Maria Linkešová, representative of the Regional Police Force (KR PZ) in Trnava.

The indictments with crew were reported by criminals in the evening on Tuesday (November 6th). This was a vehicle that was committed by the perpetrators one day before attempting to rob an elderly woman in a village near Trnava.

"The same Mercedes confirmed the damage in Sha'i and Senica. During the inspection of the vehicle, the police found various costumes used by people in contact with older people. People of senior age typed randomly, especially from older homes, and used the legend of electricians" the spokeswoman said. She added that two of the most likely perpetrators of criminal offenses were Czech citizens and used it in their favor. Police officers detained and checked all the cases reported in the last period in the Trnava region.

Thousands of euros

Police officers addressed the elderly who were wounded and identified. In addition, the police assessed camera records and performed other acts that enabled people to be charged with the crime of attempted theft in the trial.

"At the same time, the investigator dealt with a proposal for their binding prosecution. The trio has accused the same act as a researcher in the Senica, when in older men and the neighbors of the old man and old man torn apart more than 2,300 euros in Sekulya, the Czech Republic was accused of stealing the village of Močenok in the district of Šaţa, "Linkešová added. By law, a person may be sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison.

They want to gain trust

Since early October, the elderly in the Trnava region reported five cases when they were robbed in a similar way by more than 20,000 euros. It is not excluded that the cases of taken pensioners are actually higher. Suspicious persons also used other vehicles for transport. In one case, a pilot cash theft of 6,000 euros.

"A man and a woman talked to him on Monday (November 5th) that he had a overpayment of $ 100. When a woman refused money from a man, the woman who presented the paper and asked for the signature came. The other was looking for her in another room. The lady was crying, crying, and people in the house escaped, "she informed the representative of KR PZ in Trnava.

The police emphasize that in most cases scammers who seek to gain the trust of pensioners enter their homes, find their own space saving and rob them in an invisible moment under various pretensions. Therefore, the police stress that retirees do not leave unknown people in their homes or themselves, and you do not collect money from them.

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