In September in Slovakia, real and nominal wages grew


Bratislava, November 9 (TASR) – In September, employees increased their average nominal and real wages in Slovakia. They have increased in several sectors. This is due to Friday data published by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

The average nominal monthly salary increased by 11.6% in September, while the activity of information and communication activities increased by 9.2% and the selected market services by 7%. It also increased in retail trade by 6.7, while in wholesale it increased by 5.9%, in housing by 5.4%, in industry by 5.2%, in construction by 5.2 %, transport and storage 4.7% and sales and repair of motor vehicles by 1.7%.

The average real monthly salary increased in similar sectors. Year-on-year growth in restaurants and hotels was 8.9%, information and communication activities by 6.4%, selected market services by 4.2%, retail trade by 4%, wholesale trade by 3.2% %, in hotels by 2.7%, industry and construction by 2.4%, transport and storage by 1.9%. It decreased only in the sale and repair of motor vehicles by one percentage point.

In the first nine months of this year, wages in information and communication activities increased by 1873 euros, in restaurants and hotels and restaurants by 8.6 percent to EUR 466, housing 8.1 percent to EUR 721. Salaries in the industry rose by 7% to 1089 euros, wholesale increased by 6.9 percent to 951 euros, in retail trade by 6.7 percent to 715 euros, while in construction it increased by 6.2 percent to EUR 698 in the selected service market by 5.6% to EUR 934, transport and warehousing by 5% to EUR 940, sales and repair of motor vehicles by 2.7% to EUR 985.

Real monthly wages increased by 6 percent compared to the previous year, information and communication activities, restaurants and catering by 6 percent, accommodation by 5.5 percent, industry and wholesale by 4.3 percent, retail trade for 4 , 1%, construction by 3, 5%, selected marketing services by 2.9%, transport and storage by 2.3% and sales and repair of motor vehicles by 0.1%.

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