Chinese scholar claims to improve childhood for the first time in history, the scientific community is outraged – Journal of N


The Chinese scientist claims that for the first time in human history, he has edited the health of a healthy child.

Scientists in the United States and China Changes in the past Genome of human embryos, but so far they have just done so to repair it as children have been in serious illness.

This time, the Chinese scientist and his team did not correct, but improved – this method Crispr / Time9 Has improved the ability of the two children Oppose Potential HIV infection in the future.

Chinese scientist CheС-ni-Kchu Works at the University of Shenzhen, but is currently investigating whether or not he violated local laws when he had the surgery.

The twins Lulu and Nana are born a few weeks ago. Artificial insemination (in vitro fertilization) and improvement of the genome of children found in a tube. According to the Chinese scientist, children are healthy.

Che Yang-Qiu says he has done a similar procedure for some children, but they have not yet been born.

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Work has not yet been published

Scientific testimony has not yet been verified as the work of the Chinese scientist and colleges has never been published. Editing the Healthy Expectation of Children began to be held on Monday following the approval of a international conference on genomic editing in Honkong.

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