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Chinese scientist Che Jinjiu claims that he has genetically modified some human embryos and that twins have been born of them.

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Chinese scientist Che Jinjiu claims that he has genetically modified some human embryos and that twins have been born of them. App reported today, saying that the allegation can not be verified independently.

But if the claim is confirmed, it would be the first genetically modified child.
The girls LV and Nana are born a few weeks ago,
British Daily Daily Mail said today. {Target: _blank} ":[…d-China.html].

Genetic transcription in human embryos is forbidden in the UK, USA
And many other countries in the world, and many consider it as unethical
Dangerous. It is concerned about the transfer of genetic mutations to others
Generations. More scientists have done genetic transcription in the research
Human embryos, but the modified embryos were developed only briefly
In laboratory conditions. Genetic transcription is also done
Adult cell research.

Che Jian-kui, who is studying in the US. It. And now work at the university
In Shenzhen, informed his international project
A conference that will begin in Hong Kong on Tuesday. He claims to have
Experimentation of the Chinese authorities and approval of the participants
Partner couples. They officially took part in the program
"Development of the AIDS Vaccine".

A Chinese scientist who worked with the American scientist on the project
Michael Deem, said he had done artificially in the treatment of infertility
Fertilization of seven pairs and one pregnancy. Genetic purpose
Embrio adaptations in his mind was to give HIV positive father to children,
Which would have a lower risk of infection by the virus there
Repeated Syndrome of Customer Immune Failure (AIDS).

The scientist of Shenzhen used the so-called CRISPR / CASE 9 technique, which
Allows the replacement of the defective gene. It focuses on the CCR5 receptor, which
Allows you to enter the cell. In recent years, scientists
Found that CCR5 mutation leads to resistance to HIV or better
Prognosis after infection.

Some have described the project of scientists from Shenzhen as "irresponsible".
They argue, among other things, that even if CCR5 editing worked fine,
People with "abnormal" CCR5 have a higher risk of infection by others
Viruses, for example Western Nile virus, which may be

Already in 2015, a scientific journal about the work of Chinese scientists,
Who made the human embryo genome as the first in the world. They used
However, the "non-viable" embryos.

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