Bella Hadid did not show her breasts in Victoria's Secret! The party is already – Sexi šoubiznis – Cocktail


11.9.2018 14:40

Well-known fashion models Victoria's Secret went to a party. Pink carpet flooded the sexiest light world, look!

After the spectacular Victoria's Secret show, which was held once
In New York, celebrity beauties escaped after a party. Complete bodies,
who went over the pier, covered the red carpet with something
but they still offer views that were not marked differently than

Model Bella Hadid with mother Yolanda Hadid ...

Model Bella Hadid with Yolanda's mother
Hadid came to a party for Victoria's Secret.


Bella Hadid was shed not only at the pier – in the center of the lens
she took care of her choice of dress in which she came red or slightly pink
carpet. Elegant silver suits looked at her breasts and nipples,
which the model showed with a big smile. She was following her at the party
Her mother, Yolanda.

Swanepoel is coming to a party
po ...

Alex DeLeon
and Josephine Skriver are coming
o ...

Blond Swedish Elsa Hosk, who wrapped her breasts on the pier this year
Fantasy brut worth a million dollars, wrapping his killer body in
black miniatures that were very hidden

Elsa Hosk comes after a fashion show ...

Elsa Hosk comes to a party
Victoria's Secret 2018 fashion show.
Author: SITA / AP, Charles

No known blonde, Candice Swanepoel, without body
they do not specifically hide and choose a light white glittering robe. thank you
its transparency was completely visible to the curve of the mother of this gender.
The thick blond hair has not yet emphasized its origin since it was dissolved
She fell on her back.

Candice Swanepoel comes after a party ...

Candice Swanepoel is coming to an end
Victoria Fashion Show Victoria's Secret 2018.
Author: SITA / AP, Charles

Adriana Lima (in the middle) is
The oldest ...

Model at
Victoria's Secret Tour
Fashion ...

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