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What could the family of Jack Kirby say about Marvel's ETERNALS announcement at Comic-Con? – GeekTyrant


When you attended a Marvel panel at Hall H in San Diego Comic, it could be described as an underworld experience. The presentation of this year was so next level that I totally understand why DC pulled out. Don't get me wrong. DC knows how to show, but I don't want to go against Marvel when you know they will play their game. Like when they announce phase 4. wonder has a way to make you feel like you are the only person in the room and everything they present is just for you. Marvel even had a way to take their lesser known properties Shang-Chi And The Eternals And to show them the way you think these are the only adaptations you ever wanted.

With all the great announcements from Marvel this weekend, was able to talk to Jeremy Kirby, a grandson of Jack KirbyAnd ask him what he thought about the casting of The Eternals. He said:

"I was extremely thrilled when I heard the news that would bring my grandfather's grandparents to the big screen," Kirby told us. The creation of the forefront of pop culture is a wonderful testimony to my grandfather & # 39; Its creative talent and ability to introduce all worlds of characters that continue to resonate with fans all over the world. Kevin Feige is a true Kirby fan and the film's crew and cast are fantastic. Along with Ava's upcoming New Gods movie and a little too early to remind, the amazing Jack Kirby creations from both Marvel and DC should be grazing the big screen for the coming years!

I'm glad the Kirby approved what happened. It is a great way to honor a wonderful artist and storyteller. I liked the fact that he included the announcement that Kirby's New Gods will be directed Ava DuVernay. I'm interested in knowing what the other projects he is talking about. Silver Surfer? Now? The Dungeons of Danger Street? I can't wait to find out what's coming.

Eternals Will disturb Angelina Jolie Like Thana, Selma hek Like Ajak, Richard Madden Like Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani Like kingo, Lauren Ridolf Like Makkari, Brian Thyre Henry Like Fastos, and Don Lee Like gigammesh. Chloe Zhao Will control the release of the movie to be released November 6, 2020.

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