News El Tri: in Europe there can be three times more Mexican players – Hector Herrera


The Pachuca product regrets the lack of El Three Stars in Europe, which is to blame for short-sighted directors

Hector Herrera is an example for the Mexican players who follow him, with his goal in Porto 4-1 win over Lokomotiv on Tuesday his seventh in the Champions League. But the colonel feels that his compatriots would succeed abroad if owners and managers in Mexican football are not abused.

Merchant Herrera and Porto Jesus "Tecatito" Corona left Le Mux for Europe at relatively young years. Many players remain in Mexico, thanks to the big contracts they earn, or directors who demand high costs for players with little experience outside of Mexico. To improve the Mexican team, Herrera said that those who are running in Mexican football should change.

"I respect their decisions and the ways in which they negotiate. I believe that if the directors or people who were responsible for this were not so egoistic … if they tried to see the future of a player of the Mexican team, because this involves a lot of things, if this were done to triple the number of Mexicans in Europe three times, "said Herrera El Pais. "Mexican football has really talented players and could be in Europe."

However, he is not sufficiently gifted to achieve a historic result at the 2018 World Cup, where Mexico lost the opportunity to win its group and avoid the 16th round competition against Brazil. El Tri fell to a competition that did not reach the quarter-finals for the seventh consecutive world championship. There was a difference in the quality of the individual for the 28-year-old.

"We started really well, the expectations were really great. The game after the game reduced the collective level and at the end we saw it in the results," said Herrera. "There was a game against Sweden in which we were surprised many. We did not respond.

"Unlike Brazil, I think we were against the opponents, we were really good, and then they came up with disruptions that come with this kind of opponent. There is a thing that makes a difference: individuals have players who change games."

Herrera could be one of those players in Mexico in the next cycle. With Rafa Marquez retiring from the national team after attending his fifth World Cup, Captain's hand is likely to move to Andres Guardado. But Herrera has 70 pounds and has to be the head of the team, which includes rising stars such as Hirving Lozano and Diego Lainez.

"Talking about it is an honor to be in the national team to protect the color of your country. You can be a key player, whether you are a captain or not, but this is not something that goes through my mind Give everything away I myself am going to join the national team, I dream, grow, to put history in the things that we will face together. Whether I am captain or not, we all have to work together, "he said. "We all have this mentality that we want to be key actors, protagonists. I do not think there is more than one player there. There are players who are better known, this is true, but everyone has to play their part.

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"Imagine how you wear the tape, knowing who carried it, it would be a double honor and a double sacrifice. That would be the best thing that could happen to me as an actor."

Herrera and Porto are now just a step away from qualifying until the knockout round of the Champions League. The next Mexican list is scheduled to be announced on Thursday, and Herrera is likely to return its national team in November to a few friendly matches against Argentina.

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