Kang Daniel writes letter to fans after court rules in his favor against LM Entertainment


Kang Daniel wrote after the Seoul District Court in favor of his exclusive contract case against LM Entertainment.

On May 10, his lawyer Yeom Yong Pyo or Yulchon LLC revealed the court accepted his request to suspend his contract with the agency, and Kang Daniel wrote to Instagram:

"Dear fans. I'm writing because I wanted to let everyone who believed in me and got myself in these long 3 months myself. I have touched the courage like this.

Though I could have made everything easier and faster by making compromises, I wanted to show you how to take the right and honorable direction even if it was slow.

Thank you so much to all the fans who believed in my actions and way of thinking.

I'll now return all the courage and faith I've received from everyone. I'll appear on the precious stage you all made possible with a great song and better image.

To all my fans! Please keep an eye out for rookie singer Kang Daniel, who'll make a fresh start.

Once more, thank you so much. "

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