In the United States, he sold Michael Jackson's house

The mansion was sold for $ 32 million.

The former King's house popped in the prestigious neighborhood of East East Side for sale a year ago, went for $ 32 million to $ 7 million below that value.

When real estate came, Michael Jackson is not a compromise. Abundant luxury on the verge of reality and imagination – most of the homes and castles that belonged to the late star. How can we not remember the main estate and personal residency of Jackson's famous Neverland ranch, which had parks and recreation and a private zoo.

The six-storey mansion in New York, which once belonged to the King of Pop, also has a thorough and well thought out interior. This is the trendy New York Upper East Side. The building in the style of Beaux-Arts was built in 1898 by the famous American architect Alexander Welch (Alexander McMillan Welch, 1869-1943). Then the house was bought by a high-ranking official, the personal lawyer of President Grover Cleveland. Many celebrities lived here for many years, including the artist Marcom Chagall.

The building has six floors, where there are seven luxurious bedrooms, numerous accommodation and service spaces, guest rooms and staff. Despite the modern appearance of the interior, it has original details and a historical architectural décor. There are still 10 wooden fireplaces in the house, the floors are decorated with oak parquet and stained-glass windows. The palace was even "burnt" in the film: in the popular exhibition Gossip girl played the role of Nate Archibald's house.

The house has several balconies with a beautiful view of the city and a roof with a wooden lining. The building also has a garden and a terrace. The façade is decorated with carved details and stone stones. The building is only a few steps away from the Central Park.

In November 2017, the last owner of the house – billionaire billionaire Marc Lasry (Marc Lasry) – sold for $ 39 million. However, the price declined slightly in a year, and recently, luxury property for $ 32 million has also been sold.

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