Diet of Youth: Healthy food to be added to the diet


Diet of youth: useful products that need to be added to the account

Doctors called the best products of their youth.Researchers at Warwick University have produced a list of products that make it possible for younger children to be younger.

Because of the substance in the product, it activates the regeneration of cells and tissues – this gives the effect of rejuvenation, writes with reference to the 24-bit.

Scientists have said that the existence of "special substances" in some foods helps to improve digestion and intestinal flora, which ultimately affects body rejuvenation. In particular, such "magic" components, according to them, the arginine and lysine amino acids are responsible for saturation signs transmitted to the digestive tract in the brain. Eating food with arginine and lysine, protects against overeating and provides a slim picture.

However, it is important that food not only help to gain body weight, but should also be a supplier of nutrients to the body. Therefore, it is important to use health products with a set of different trace elements.

The list includes the following products: – chicken, Turkey, pork (blade), – mackerel, tuna, anchovies, crustaceans, – hard cheese, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, sesame seeds and other nuts.

"Put them in everyday diet. With your help you can maintain normal weight and ignore premature aging", – he advised experts.

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