Amateur MMA fighter iz injures both of his legs celebrating his knockout win

Weird dream seems to happen all the time in the low rank of MMA. It was the guy who had a front flip on his opponent's lifeless body, the guy who bared all over the cage for any good reason, and the other guy who had a bunch in the cage (this one at least was not Unique to Regional MMA). This past weekend, British amateur Jack Kulshav joined their hailed ranks.

After Culshaw struck Zack Edwards at Almighty Fighting Championships 10 in England, he leaked to the cage. He was riding high, but when he was disassociated, he was seriously twisting his right knee.

Culshaw talked to MMA fighting, and it seems he could actually have both nausea.

I went and had an X-ray and there are no bones broken, but do you know the patella, the knee cap? That's been twisted around and they think my ass is blown. We have to wait and see, but they have to look at my other leg, too, the left leg, saying that knee could go as well. So when they are done with the rehab on my right leg, they are going to do my left leg too.

At least Kulshaw seems to be all the attention.

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