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What a grandfather, such a grandson


What a grandfather, such a grandson

We wrote the other day about leaving the last Колов Guards. About the last member of the Madrid Athletic Defense Granite.

Filipe Lewis This year has more choices. After the expiration of the contract, Ateltico offered him a new one. Everyone in the club wanted to stop him. And a lot of other European clubs wanted a great player for free. Defensively, perhaps the best left-handled world in the game one on one. People called him Barcelona, ​​PSG, Borussia Dortmund, Bier Leverkusen, Lion, Monaco and, of course, Juventus, who don't want such joy.

It's been a long time Philippe Lewis He thought and finally decided not to listen to his opinion, but his heart.

He decided to make a boy's dream and to wear the Flamengo Jersey, the most popular Brazilian club. He returned to his homeland and signed for FL today.

There's a lot Philippe Lewis Pierced over his head. He started in Figuerense, and then moved to Ajax. As a young player in a big club, he did not manage. Managers later took it under his own hands and became a member of the Rentistas Club in Uruguay, using them as management agencies as a mask to avoid taxes. He was a member of Real Madrid's team, then moved to the deputy where he suffered a break from his legs, but atelico bought him despite the serious injury.

Code Cola Simeonea Has become one of the best left hand backs of the world and later secured a transfer to Chelsea from which he could hardly return to athletics Simeonea. After a new four-year mandate between Colchoneros, he decided it was time to fulfill the dream.
"The feeling that goes from father to son, from grandfather to granddaughter. The feeling that the heart is stronger. The great day is today. The day I filled my boyfriend's dream. Today I can finally say that I am a member of my Men & # 39; ao (Nickname for Flamengo opa.a)", He wrote Philippe Lewis On social networks with a photo of her grandfather, when she was a child of Flameng's Jersey.

He joined some other famous names in Flameng. It is his former team in Athletics, Diego. It's there Gabriel Barbosa "Gabigol"The famous inter's failure. There is." Rafinja Of Bavaria. He came Серсон From Rome. So Uruguayan national Djordjijan De Araskaeta

For Flamengo, they say that the club has the most fans in the world. Real fans, those who live in the country of the club and who live for the club. It's not counted among various Chinese, Arabs, Africans held by Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus …

They say that Flamengo has 20 million such fans. Today one of them has fulfilled a dream.

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