The dinar is stronger by 0.1%, the rate is 118.3178



On Tuesday, November 13, the dinar will increase by 0.1 percent against the euro, while the official middle exchange rate will amount to 118.3178 euros per euro, the National Bank of Serbia announced.

The dinar will be weaker by 0.1 percent than a month ago, it is stronger by 0.2 percent a year and is stronger by 0.1 percent compared to the beginning of the year.

2000 din

The dinar indicator against the dollar rose today by 0.1 percent to 104.2631 dinars per dollar.

The dinar fell by 2.3 percent a month ago, down 2.4 percent from the previous year, while it decreased by 4.9 percent since the beginning of the year.

Since the beginning of the year, the NBS bought a total of EUR 1.79 billion in the interbank foreign exchange market and sold EUR 225 million to mitigate the excessive daily fluctuations in the exchange rate.

The highest value of the dinar against the monetary unit of the euro area was on March 2, when the exchange rate for the euro amounted to 118,0084 RSD, while the lowest was registered on 5 January, when one euro cost 119,0027 dinars.

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