RONALDINO IN BELGRADE ISRAEL: Mesi is now the best in the world … It was me when I was playing! (VIDEO) | Sports


Ronaldinho hosted the famous Serbian manager Zoran Stojadinovic, and in the famous Brazilian he came to Serbia to record an ad for the Mozzart bookmakers.

During his stay in Belgrade, he turned to a brilliant career, among other things he was the champion of the world with Brazil, the champion of Europe with Barcelona …

"The way I played soccer, I am many happy people, God gave it to me," Ronaldinho told RTS.

"I won a lot of team and individual trophies, but those when your opponents welcome special and unforgettable moments," added Ronaldinho, who immediately interrupted the entire "Santiago Bernabeu" when he broke Real.

Asked who was the best player in the world, he said:

"It's Messi … I was playing during the game!

( sport, Photo: Damir Dervišagić)



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