Republic / (VIDEO) Why are you looking at me? Luna and Marko can not resist passion! Official

Marko and Luna

In the past seasons, we remember the moon's connections with Mark and the Loose of a jealous scene for this reason. It seems that Radanovic did not sin when he pointed to Đogani's view that Miljković looked at him terribly.

Bane got angry and discovered the terrible secret of Zerina: You have a tumor!

Apparently, they no longer want to hide their sympathies and on the announcement of the conversation between Karadjordje and Ivan Vrbaški, sat on the bed, talked, touched, and laughed a little.

Why are you looking at me? Marko asked her about a question that people are asking when they feel that a girl wants a kiss. Since the blogger has repeatedly stated that he does not want a new man, he is exploring the terrain from Brussels.

Is Marko Luna a new love …

– I'm always watching. Does it matter? – it was a mystic Jogany.

They are joking at the expense of the ballads they heard from the living room where Minina's mother and Alexandra's father had previously believed, and simulated unhappy love.

"Let's play," Marko suggested, and smiled.

How he pulled the perfect flirt in the video:

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