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In the first round of the final tournament in London, Novak Djokovic defeated John Izner and, from the 15th hour, he is waiting for another duel on the O2 arena – Alexander Zverev, who won the first round with a little luck Marina Cilic.

EPA / Claudio Onorati

Novak Djokovic and Aleksander Zverev

So far, only two matches have been played, the result in a mutual match is unresolved – 1: 1. The participants in both groups have the only Serb with Zverev "unscrupulous" accounts, as he has a positive relationship between victory and defeat with all other players Novak. he was in front of Sasha.

"I have mastered him in Shanghai lately, but he has not provided the highest value there," Novak said in the announcement of the meeting.

Novak Djokovic plays another season of dreams, although it did not seem like six months ago. He won four tournaments (two of which are grand slams) and the fifth cup "are looking for" in England. The first place in the championship would be the full conquest of the tournament finals in London, which would be his sixth time when he had a cup, but it is interesting that the first tournament in the world with the victory in this tournament would equalize the performance of Rafael Nadal in five tournaments this year, another tennis player did not boast.

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