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Bjelica without points, Jokic only four.

Tanjug / AP

Jokic in the battle for the ball in a game with Memphis

Bogdan Bogdanović was the first to compete in the season after a recovery with surgery. In 18 minutes, he scored seven points (1-3 for three) and scored three goals and one extra. Sacramento lost home home but Toronto, which still has one defeat since the start of the NBA (11-1). It was 114: 105.

And Nemanja Bjelica played 18 minutes for Kingsea, but lost points (0-2 for three, 0-5 for two). He had a jump and blockade and three assistants.

Denver lost to Memphis with 89:87. The win was hosted by Spanish Mark Gasol, hitting free bullets four seconds before the end of the match. His penalties were 7-7 and together he scored 20 points.

Nikola Jokic was well below the average. In 25 minutes, he scored four points in the game. He had seven jumps and four assistants.

Luka Dončič had another good time, although he lost Dallas. In 35 minutes he reached 24 points (3-4 for three, 7-7 free throws). He had six jumps and two blocks and aids.


Memphis – Denver 89:87

Sacramento – Toronto 105: 114

Cleveland – Oklahoma 86:95

Orlando – Detroit 96: 103

Atlanta – New York 107: 112

Miami – San Antonio 95:88

Indiana – Philadelphia 94: 100

New Orleans – Chicago 107: 98

Utah – Dallas 117: 102

Lakers – Minnesota 114: 110

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