JOKIC AND DENVER DECLARED JAMES AND LEJKERS: California team unable to play against Negres (VIDEO) | Sports


Denver was one of the hardest defects of the time in California since they eventually won 32-point difference.

Serbian basketball player Nikola Jokik spent only 22 minutes in the field and at that time he had a good performance. The Serbs complete the match with 14 points, seven revelands and seven assists, with one stolen ball and a blockade.

Bobi Marjanovic and Teodosik meet with their clippers tonight in the night of Phoenix Igor Kokoskov, and they are great favorites. The odds on them are 1.17, and they will win with more than 14.5 points difference, the odds are 2.11. See all MOZZART bookmakers for the NBA League.

Jokik would certainly have spent more time on the floor that Denver did not break the Lakers, and it was a minute with Mason Plumley, who played only two minutes less than the Joker.

The most effective in the winning team are Jamal Murray, Malik Beverly and Paul Milasep with 20 points. Janjanzo earnestly scored 12, while Plamley has a DAB-DELL performance (10p and 10sqm).

The team of Colorado completely stopped LeBron James, who scored 14 points in 30 minutes with seven rebounds. The most effective of the Lakers is Kalea Kyle with 21 points.

After this match, Denver scored a score of 14 wins and seven losses and scored a total of four in a row, and the lockers at 11-9, and this was their second consecutive failure. / Curry Sports



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