It is deliberate to know that there will be a submissive bomb under the Jeep: doctors are still fighting for a dangerous explosion in Novi Sad! Amplified by his leg (Carrier TV, photo) | Black Chronicle


NOVI SAD – Dalibor Bogdanovic, 42, aka Boce, who was seriously wounded in the last night's explosion of a jeep in Novi Sad, was wounded five years ago.

He was a police officer and a security officer at FC Vodovinina, and was wounded in his hand and on October 3, 2014 at 2.30 in the center of Novi Sad.

We remind him that he was in front of the bar in Lazio Telco, as he was writing at the time, shot by Jovan Kecman Koja, FCNI Novi Sad's "Corida" fan. The victim and the attacker first began to argue about the music at the local restaurant where they were guests.

Given that they were already clashing, the quarrel soon grew into a fight which included their friends, too, fans.

At one point, Kekman pulled out a pistol, fired several bullets at Bogdanovik, then fled.

photo: С.С.

– Shots, ghouls and curses are heard. I saw a person folding and holding his hands on his stomach. I didn't immediately understand what it was like, and then I saw the blood and the group of young people trying to panic to help him – then said, a waiter at a local restaurant in Lazio Teleka.

The police, however, may not go out of the way that, in the meantime, another cheering account in a city that often offends the struggle for the local drug market and rockets.

photo: С.С.

Bogdanovic was previously a personal bodyguard, leader of the LSV. He also served as a police officer, or he was a member of the Intervention Brigade, and was allegedly a long-term member of the SAJI.

With the problematic character and contacts with different suspicious persons, in recent years he was assigned to administrative affairs in the Police Administration Novi Sad.

photo: С.С.

When there was a change in the leadership of FC Vodovinina, he was set as a security commissar for the club.



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