Goat of Duty Beta test is in progress!


Goat of DutyPhoto: Bluemoongame / Promo

Goat of Duty Beta is available to players from May 9 to May 13, it's just in progress. For these four days, razor games and 3 bigthings allow a little to try this upcoming shooter. Goat of Duty is a game of arena shooter in which players act as goats armed with teeth, horns.

Goat of DutyPhoto: Bluemoongame / Promo
Goat of Duty

The official message also specified that some folders are available during the Goat of Duty Beta test, with only free-for-all modes. However, they insisted on referring to various bones that will be even later and which are critical to the humorous aspect of the game.

Goat of Duty Gameplay is a suspicion of old titles such as Quake and Unreal Tournament, so this perfect humorous atmosphere is combined with action madness and tone of brutal weapons. Two-ten players can participate in the matches, and mods are now available: Team Deathmatch and Plain Deathmatch, as well as two more exclusive for Goat of Duty.

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