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Darko Lazic It has returned from heavy traffic accidents that has been found on October 23, and in the future it will have to fight against excess points. The singer is having an artificial hips for two weeks back, but the singer will not be able to stand on his feet until his body weight reaches the limits of the normal. The concerned doctors CBK Zeman ordered to urgently weaken, and even 40 kilograms, he learned "Alo!" One consultant doctor discovered:

"Darko has an overheated body, which is why its recovery after a traffic accident slowly reached." Although the finger-bone operation and the implantation of the prothesis in the injured form, or the installation of an artificial hip, leans for two weeks, the singer does not stumble on his legs and does not move the reason for this is overweight The inability of technicians to lift him, but also the fear of doctors not to harm the artificial hip. "

As he explains, although Dark is fitted with the best and most expensive hook, the so-called IDI, whose duration is 20 years, will have to correct body weight to prevent it from over time:

"We have incorporated Dark These into the body, which is intended for the younger population, and it is better and more durable in its structure. In addition, we are preventing the addition of another material in the body, if we already have Polyethylene, metal, ceramics they are located in an artificial hand, we do not need cement .. After the artificial hand implanting, the patient has to grow from the bed tomorrow to surgery, the wounded went on the crutches for three Months, and today, if so You are not in a bad state, with a stick for 5-5 days, and they can completely rely on their feet, in the dark, this is not the case because it also has a problem with the ribs that can not cause it The crutches, but there is overwhelming, which is why the technician can not lift it out of beds, but not to help him to get on his feet. "

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