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All women on the beauty of beauty: these 9 foods will surprise each other's hair recovery!

Rarely is the lucky ones who never wanted their hair not so thin, greasy, cracked, lifeless, disguised, thin, hard, flat, curly …, photo: profiled

The food we enter into the body is reflected on Hair As well as on the skin, and fortunately there are "supernumeraries" that help keep the hair in the worst condition.

Rarely are those lucky ones who never wanted their hair not thin, greasy, cracked, lifeless, disassembled, rare, hard, flat, curly … – The list has no end. Just like with the care of the skin, and for the beautiful hair it needs care and time, because the hair is suffering because it is exposed to various chemicals, impurities, solid water, polluted air, suffers from the introduction of unhealthy foods full of. Additives, lack of sleep or stress.

Pumpkin seeds

The seeds are rich in zinc that speeds up the cell part and the formation of carotene, which is a key material from which the hair is made. It is known that zinc preserve the hair color and prevents the occurrence of dandruff, and can also be found in sesame seeds, sesame seeds, Lebbia, lamb …


The avocado is excellent for the growth and thickness of the hair, as it is rich in copper that helps in the construction of collagen and elastin in the hair. Copper is present in large quantities in muscles, cereals, dark green vegetables such as spinach and peas.


Eggs accelerate hair growth and help make hair thicker, but also firmer. They are full of protein and biotin combinations, and both nutrients are great for healthy hair.


Fish like mackerel, salmon and herring are perfect for their hair because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is full of vitamins and proteins that are responsible for enhancing the health and well-being of subjects.


They are full of antioxidants that protect the folic acid from damage, and vitamin C is involved in the production of iron-based collagen and absorption. Both speed hair growth.


A medium-sized potato contains enough beta carotene to produce four times as much vitamin A as a person needs in a day. If you put it in a daily menu, your hair will be grateful.


It is one of the most important foods for faster hair growth, because the plant is rich in enzymes, which have a strong effect on its growth.


Meat is a source of protein that is critical for hair growth, and for good effect on the hair, it is especially important to reduce red meat, which is rich in iron.


It is full of vitamins A and C, folic acid and iron. Due to the large amount of iron it helps red blood cells transmit oxygen through the body. It then stimulates metabolism that affects hair growth and follicle damage.

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