"Wizkid, Dudo, PCKware are richer than most American wrappers" –


Senegal-American singer Akon has PSKWARE, Vizkid and Dudo are the likes of American hip-hop artists.

He made it into a viral video at a young age. Acon revealed that the glamorous lifestyle seen in most American hip-hop videos was in the wrong, adding that such clips that show foreign musicians living in a dazzling lifestyle with Bentley are actually the opposite of reality compared to African artists.

According to him, Wizkid, PSKWARE and DUDO are richer than most American wrappers.

"Hip-hop in America, each rapper is rich in gold chains, girls in the pool in a great mansion, but when the video is over, they take the phone and call a uber." There.

"But if you go to bed, you have Wizkid, Dudo, P-Square, Rolling Bentley, Mercedes Benz, they own the cars. That's the difference, but if we don't report it, they will never know it."

"The images they show about Africa are so negative – that's why we believe Africa has a rich history. Many people died in Chicago, too many schools in America."

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