Wall Street Camp Market, S&P -500 and Dow Jones Go Green


May 10 (Reuters) – Standard & Poor's 500 and Dow Jones US There. Indexes returned to positive territory on Friday after reassuring statements from the US. There. And Chinese trade talks among the world's two largest economies.

In two hours of closing the S & P500, 0.16% were at 2,866.23 points and the Dow Jones was virtually unchanged at 25,806.68 after picking at 25,856.44 (0.11%) while they were in the red since the start of the session.

The Nasdaq Composite was down and sedimented at 0.3%.

Following a meeting between the Chinese and American delegations in the Washington United States. Steven Monsuchin Secretary of State spoke of "constructive" talks, and the editor-in-chief of a Chinese newspaper reported that talks would retire later in Beijing.

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