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Vol Street driven by business results and a possible Sino-US. There. Relaxation


The New York Stock Exchange finished in Greenland on Tuesday, boosted by the encouraging quarterly results of some major achievements and by press information on trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing.

His flagship index, the Dow Jones industrial average, rose 0.65% to 27.339.19 points, close to his record reached last week.

The Nasdaq, with strong technological color, climbed 0.58% to 8,251,40 points, also close to its highest level.

The broad S & P 500 index rose 0.68% to 3.005.47 points.

The good results from business, which have so far published defeat an economic obstacle. It is a sign that the economy is not as weak as some have erwed "Said Karl Haeling of LLBW.

On Tuesday, Coca-Cola reported strong second quarter results because higher prices for its beverages and increased sales of soft drinks helped offset the negative impact of the strong dollar. Its stock jumped at 6.1% on Wall Street.

US $ There. Industrial conglomerate American technologies have raised their annual financial targets, exceeding their second quarter expectations, due to their demand for aeronautical equipment. His title gained 1.5%.

Investors are now waiting for quarterly results from some tech giants, including Amazon, Google and Facebook, who are entitled to perform this exercise during the week.

In addition, the upcoming US-dollar meeting There. Officials and their Chinese counterparts, announced by several press releases, while trading tensions between the US and China. There. And China is alive and has resurrected the hope of relaxation between the two powers.

"It seems the US states are ready to extend the duration of the negotiations"Said Mr. Haeling.

"This may mean that even if Washington and Beijing do not reach an agreement in the near future, Americans will not wear new taxes".He added.

Market players are watching the trade war between the United States and China because it undermines global growth.

These persistent tensions are one of the reasons why the International Monetary Fund revised its global growth forecast for 2019 on Tuesday.

The IMF now expects a 3.2% expansion this year and 3.5% by 2020, 0.1 percentage point less than its forecast released in April.

The New York Stock Exchange reacted with relief to the budgetary compromise between Republican and Democrats in Washington, which allowed an increase in debt ceiling.

The deal, which must be approved by Congress, was lowered out of advance from a federal administration's cancellation until the next Presidential election.

In the Bund market, interest rates on the US There. 10-year debt rose to 2,078% after finishing at 2,047% on Monday.

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