Violence against women: 5.4 facts reported each week

Yesterday was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. In Saint-Martin, the violence is frequent and regular. There are also more and more legal cases handled locally thanks to the courage of the victims who condemn the attackers.

Last year at the end of October *, 256 women in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy suffered violence inside or outside the family; For almost half of them (48.4%), this happened in their home. The two facts of which women are the most victims are assault, wild crime or correctional injuries (for 154 of the 256 women) and threats / blackmail (48 complaints). 29 women have also reported acts of sexual harassment, 13 of them minors. 6 rapes of adults and 12 of minors (including 5 in an intrafamily environment) were reported.

At the same time, 241 women filed a complaint for violence in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. This is 5.4 reported facts per week. The number of assaults and battery is currently identical to last year, the actions of harassment have halved. As for the rapes, those caused for miners were divided by three, and those for majors increased by 2.

On the other hand, assaults committed in an intra-familial context increased sharply in the first ten months of the year. If in 2019, just under half of attacks were committed in homes, this year more than 56% of female victims said they had suffered at home. More than two-thirds of assault and battery were brought into a family context (against 62% last year). 34% of threats and blackmail are also made in the family home (against 27% in 2019). 9 of the 12 rapes were committed in families (compared to 6 of 18 last year): 6 for adults and 3 for minors.

Ultimately, a woman was the target of an attempted murder this year.

Between January and October 2019.