The Senegalese state trains its forest guards in the use of drones

Senegalese forest officers and rangers have recently received training in the use of drones. During the course, they learned the techniques of piloting machines, as well as data collection, processing and analysis. The government therefore wants to give them better means to carry out their task: to preserve biodiversity.

The training will take place from 17-24 November 2020. It was organized by the National Parks Directorate, a branch of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. The UNESCO Regional Office and the World Heritage Center have also taken part in the initiative. Cheikh Niang, the curator of Djoudj National Bird Park, showed interest in the program.

With drones we can get pictures and information of inaccessible areas for ecological monitoring. The use of this technology in Senegal will also facilitate the exploitation of data, especially those about birds that nest in colonies at concentrations of thousands of birds., He explained.