The PSG returns with a point and regrets Naples


Gianluigi Buffon is a wonderful guy from the Parisian side
Gianluigi Buffon is a big man on the Paris side of Ciro Fusco / AP

At the end of this 4e Champions League day, still life and hope for Paris-Saint-Germain. But also the hint of disappointment. On Tuesday, November 6, Parisians reached the draw point during a trip to Naples. This 1-1 everywhere allows men Thomas Tuchel not to mortgage their chances of seeing the knockout stage of the competition at the beginning of 2019. Particularly divine surprise came from Belgrade, where Red Star surprised Liverpool (2-0) in the early evening.

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This group C keeps alive with four teams that stand at two points. Liverpool and Napoli lead six points, Paris follows in one length, and even Belgrade can dream with their four units. "The most important thing is not to lose because we will still have the chance to win against Liverpool and Red Star Belgrade" : The words of the experienced Gianluiga Buffon were prophetic. If Paris does not miss the chance to qualify, the next rival will be against Liverpool on November 28 "Finally" abandon or duplicate.

In the warm atmosphere of the San Paolo Stadium, PSG was serous and useful if it was not high in the first period. He was especially effective at his first real opportunity. Kylian Mbappé, Juan Bernat, left side, was well served by him, who often criticized him, opening the header mark on his (bad) right leg.

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Buffon postpone the deadline

Revived, as ever, Naples struck a match to force Paris to spin on defense, its weak point. Despite the extreme pressure of Carlo Ancelotti's players, Buffon proved that he remained one of the best goalkeepers on the planet in his forties. After his mating at Insigne's evil shot (51e), and then the Italian slammed the Mertens lob for the corner (52e), in front of a miraculous glance when Ruiz recovered back on him (57e)!

But the pressure was too strong, and the Parisians would give the image of the deadly mistake of Thiago Silva, who pushed Buffon to admit the penalty after intervening in the legs of Callejon. The home attacker, Insigne, changes without shaking. A few minutes later, Juan Bernat – hooked with Maksimovic – could also get a penalty for his team. The judge decided otherwise.

The late arrival of Cavani, the ancient idol of Naples (2010-2013), which was accepted by 1800 American boys who continue to repeat their name while traveling to Italy, will not change anything. Paris will play its European future in the next two games

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