The PDS was replaced on the ground in Saint-Louis.


At the Department General meeting in St. Louis for the relaunch of his activities, the PDS went this Saturday in the North. The activity, coordinated by Mayoro Faye and chaired by Doudou Wade, aimed to revitalize the different sections in the regions, but also to continue the sale of the cards that was launched the previous month.

The Senegalese Democratic Party of the Department of St. Louis has so re-mobilized to, obviously, prepare the sale of membership cards, but also to start the local, legislative and presidential elections to come.

The five communes Ndiabène Gandiol, Mpal, Fass, Gandon and Saint-Louis have therefore decided to resume field work to reconquer the entire department on behalf of the PDS.
It is clear that Wade and his “Wadaillons” are actively preparing for the return of Karim Wade, presidential candidate of 2024 …