Sunday , August 9 2020
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The opposition has succeeded


"To convene a national dialogue and to refuse at the same time the diversion views expressed on the street, invoke again and again the same unusual armed infiltration, disturbances to public order, it is Schizofrenia and Autocracy our most essential constitutional peasants are floating Senegal has been honored for 30 years at a democratic level, "regretted that NDAO.

In front of the heavily armed police, the protesters asked not to fire. Some managed their show but others stopped. Similarly, the FRN strongly condemns the repeated and systematic prohibition of demonstrations for years and the use of force to prevent the exercise of a constitutional right: the right to prove.

On the other hand, leaders such as Eastman Sonko, Abdul Mbaye and Tiro Alassane Sal have expressed their anger at the press. The police tried to stop them, but without success.

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