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The new Range Rover Evouque in Tunisia


Alpha International Tunisia, an authorized Jaguar & Rover dealer in Tunisia, has announced the arrival of the new generation of Range Rover Evove in its showroom at the Lake Bank. The long-awaited local market presence of the SUV goes its reason for the global launch in London in November 2018.

The new model combines Kate Rover's unparalleled legacy with state-of-the-art technology. It was designed, thought and manufactured in Britain. With the luxury compact SUV market, with global sales of more than 772,096 vehicles and more than 217 international awards, the new Range Rover Evove is in line with its predecessor, while performing it.

"The launch of the First Range Rover Evove in 2010 transformed the compact SUV market in the Middle East. Today, with a smarter and more stylized model, all the conditions are right for it to continue its exceptional career in Tunisia, attracting attention. And fueling the desire for a greater number of motorists, today's launch marks an additional success for the Jaguar Land Rover in the Mina region. l Manager of Alpha International Tunisie.

Kate Rover Evove: The luxury SUV for the city, but not only

The new coupe-style Range Rover Evocque Silhouette features a tapered roof line and rising flange, a feature of the Rover Rover family. Its volume and remarkable proportions are amplified by pronounced accessories and powerful wheel arches, along with 21-inch wheels, giving it a muscular and dynamic attitude.

Like Jewelry, the ultra-slim matrix headlights give a more elegant look. Similarly, the recessed door handles reinforce the soft, sculpted aesthetic, while the large turn signal provides the machine with a unique hidden look. Optional R-dynamics details and braided copper enhancements further enhance the machine's inimitable charm.


Inside, well-executed designs incorporate clean surfaces and simple lines, with quality materials treated with care to create luxurious, minimalist and digital interiors. Textiles using recycled plastics are offered as leather-based quality alternatives, such as square fabric and Dynamica®, as well as the Eucalyptus and Ultrasound ™ options. Designed to be quiet and quiet, the cabin guarantees comfort, sound and joy for the occupants, with technologies such as the Touch Pro Duo dual-touch screen system with a new, more efficient program, sixteen seat adjustments and one ionization air from The cabin was accompanied by an increase in interior volume.

The track is almost identical, but the vehicle is based on the new mixed architecture architecture, the Transversal Architecture, which offers more interior space than before. A more wheelbase provides an additional 20mm of knee length and increased storage for small items – a wide glove compartment and a central compartment that can easily accommodate shelves, purses and bottles. The luggage space is 10% larger (591 liters); It reaches 1383 liters when the 40: 20: 40 flexible rear seat folds down.

Motorization and performance

The Range Rover Evove is available with Ingeney Diesel and Petrol engines. The SUV combines off-road skills with optimal maneuverability, whatever the weather conditions. The new evocative features all-wheel drive, a second-generation Active Drive, Drive-Disk Diskette to improve efficiency and adaptive dynamics to provide the perfect level of comfort and agility. Earth response 2 – A technology first used on Noncompact Range Rovers – automatically detects the driver's surface and adjusts the parameters. Range Rover Evoku can now reach 600mm (up to 500mm earlier) water.

Smart technology

The Range Rover's renowned high-performance position has entered the digital age, with a "plain seat" rearview mirror, a first in this segment, turning into a HD display. If the return visibility is compromised by the passengers' heads or bulky objects in the trunk obstructing vision, the driver just had to press a button under the rearview mirror: a top-of-the-line unit shows the high-definition vehicle . The screen provides a wide field of view (50 degrees) and better visibility even in low light.

The new Range Rover Evove is also the first in the world to feature Ground View technology. It makes the hood invisible by projecting a camera onto the upper touch screen to display a 180-degree view in the front of the vehicle. This feature is especially useful when parking, driving close to curbs or in rough terrain. This is the result of the Land Rover's "Transparent Bane" technology unveiled in 2014.

For more details on the Range Rover Evouve, including technical specifications, please visit:

You can now see the Range Rover Evouque, make a test drive and order it from Alpha International Tunisia to its Berges You Lock showroom, with prices starting at 249,000 DT.

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