The names of pretenders are sub-par


The document was presented by the pastor of the palace to denounce a pretender of M. Tahirou Sarr to take part in the object of the son of Sonko and his lieutenants, which has not yet reached all his secrets. In the first jail of Kewoulo, we have a part of this document on our inquiries since Ousmane Sonko speaks for itself as part of this press conference. And the publication of the day, presented as a scoop, we did not know what to do to control the vast wave of revelations ….

Alors que celui qui est présenté comme un brillante et averti homme d'affaires n'est pas à la livrer une copie de constat d'huissier où l'on voit des messages que lui a envoyés Abdourahmane Baldé, présenté comme le bras droit d ' Ousmane Sonko, Seydou Sarr, also known under the name of Tahirou, writes about the presentation, in the famous copy of the paperwork, the answers to the fact that his interlocutor is a fait. Et cet oubli, quoi sciemmente, l'objectif de créer un électrochoc chez les mis en cause dein de les amener à reculer.

If the existence of this affair on millions of millions has been raised in the public place by Ousmane Sonko, which is frustrating in the operation, the TF 1451 / R Rufisque case contains a lot of legitimate history There is the fact that the two decisions of justice are all in favor of M. Tahirou Sarr. "This is the case with the greatest discretion that the leader of the Pastef has foretold for the campaign after having made the decision", accusing the cause of the misery and cause. And this is the mandate of the interior of a family of spies, in this affair affair, M. Abdourahmane Baldé and contacting Tahirou Sarr and Mamour Diallo incriminated by the leader of Pastef.

« C'est pour éviter que ce dossier, que nous voulions n'ont pas à l'amiable, ne se trouve, aujourd'hui sur la place de la Baldé, et décidé de prendre contact avec Tahirou Sarr qui était très content de l'initiative. And it was, and the number of reprisals, came from Abdourahmane Baldé". A declares a source of the family of spies. Alors que les coupeurs avaient beaucoup évolué avec Tahirou Sarr et Mamour Diallo, Abdourahmane Baldé s'est aussi approché d'Ousmane Sonko pour l'signature que n'aiant pas réçu de mandat, ne ne pouvait plus parler au nom des héritiers qui revendiquent des droits on the title of the 1451 / R of the 258 hectares of land, owned by the state, and has been for the 2 million aliens.

After partaking the sum of 2 milliard, a member of the family relinquished the issue of the State, remodeled by Mamour Diallo and Tahirou Sarr, argue that the state has left 94 billion. This is the time to settle in the friendly way that Abdourahmane Baldé has decided to join all the actors of the blogs of the rumors of the rationale and concern of the responsible associations. And it is because they are accused that Tahirou Sarr and their companion have organized it, and there are some appraisers who have the incidents, so that they can accuse the mediator of the chantage. If Ousmane Sonko, as a member of his own, continues to run a consulting cabinet, there is no work left between Abdourahmane Baldé and the patron of Pastef. It is a certain Ismael Ba, who has attributed Merelalex to Atlas Consulting that manages the societies that the services of the State have identified as belonging to Ousmane Sonko.

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