The financiers' distance services, financial institutions (official)


Dakar, 28 Nov (APS) – The financiers' financial services are an effective way to strengthen the financial inclusion, accounting for the low level of banking transactions in Senegal, affirmed by Mamadou Camara, responsible for the Ministry of Economy , the Finance and the Plan.

"With regard to the low level of strict banking bureaucracy, which is about 19.64% in the end of 2017, the financially affordable financiers in the world today as an effective vector of strengthening the financial inclusion", declared M. Camara.

These services "favored accessing the largest number of economic agents in diversified financial services and at least costs," as well as at the breakthrough of the auction with the electronic electronics stores and the online payments online.

This meeting was jointly organized by the Observatory of the Quality of Financial Services (OQSF and the Central Bank of the Africa West Bank (BCEAO).

According to the national director of the BCEAO, Ahmadou al Aminou Lo, has been listed in the framework of the scheme of the financially inclusive scheme for the first time in UEMOA, a rendez-vous that the BCEAO account organizes annually.

The aim is to "develop strategies," to make and describe "all the individuals with the financial services, and the benefits of the service." And the best way to do this is to get involved, it's the "compete on the service of digital finance, in particular the mobile money […]".

And so, the national director of the BCEAO has acknowledged that "the financial inclusion is not destined to the wealth," but rather to individuals who have earned income and have a difficult access to banking securities.

"In the meantime, with the electronics industry, you have the opportunity to make the transition from your human resources and from the fact that if you have a loan, you will be able to share your electronic electronics account so that you can ", explains M. Lô.

According to him, this is a dynamic financial inclusion, that the ensemble of the actors is so long this week, "I expect to set up a regulatory framework on the openings and those that can be enhanced."

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