The daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama makes the buzz on … Tiktok!

Surprise! Sasha Obama is out dancing on a tiktok, surrounded by her group of friends. A video that was around the web.

Sasha Obama has grown up. The youngest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama is 19, three years younger than her older sister, Malia. The teenager has been very discreet in recent days on social networks. No question? A video posted on Tiktok. Obviously not by her, but by one of her friends.

In this short video, we can see you with her group of friends, in the foreground, Dance Listen Learn On the song Adderall, by Popp Hunna, performing the dance of the challenge Corvette Corvette. A tickok that had to remain anonymous, or at least discreet … but this quickly made the buzz. A global buzz. The media in all countries talk about it and the video has gained millions of views. You can see her in the video above.

She could win the jackpot on Tiktok

Faced with this excitement, The tick is removed. It was however uploaded by thousands of internet users who have shared it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The famous American media TMZ, fired to the phenomenon, wrote an article about it: “Sasha Obama: Millions of Tiktok are waiting for her … if she wants !!!”

In this article, two influencer experts react. According to them, if Sasha Obama came to officially Enroll in TikTok, it would gain one or two million followers“In a week … if not in a day”. If it is active in a year, it could have 10 million subscribers. And the young woman would not only get visibility … She could hit the jackpot.

According to the same specialists, Sasha Obama could sign into an agency of influencers. If she has, She could pocket between 5 and 8 million dollars per year, Or between 4.1 and 6.6 million euros! What motivates you to quickly create a TikTok account?