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I want to set up one of the best workforce in Europe, Paris Cave-Germain Qatari version does not skimp on the device. After finding the Cow and the shotgun Neimar Jr and Kilian Mobatchi, are two of the most expensive transfers in the history of football, the club of French capital does not stop in so good way. If their offensive sector has nothing to break anyone, the same can not be said of the other compartments of this field. Antero Enrique would then consider hiring the services of a rescue to lighten the defensive stains of its front stars. Senegalese Idrizana Ghana Would make this rope to perform this role.

PSG is still in the sights of UEFA. Pinned in the context of financial fair play, France's champions in title should not be foolish in the next mercatos. The thinking heads of the club should think about a clever recruitment, attracting names that are not so noisy but effective. Idrizana Ghana would be in the perspective of a gold case. Everton Midfielder is one of the best in his work in the Premier League. Approved by its recuperative qualities and its science game, Senegalese has gained the age of football maturity and is now ready to cross the top echelon to establish itself better.

Moreover, according to information from the Paris American, Idriza Giue is not the priority of the PSG but a credible alternative in the case of failure in the Aaron Ramsii case. The Valley, which has a contract with Arsenal, sees his name back insistently on the shelves of the French club. PSG never concealed his desire to recapture a midfielder since the retirement of Thiago Mata. The various courses that have succeeded have proven in vain to replace Adrian Rabiot. The one who is just in his head is also recognized at the beginning. The player has agreed to Barza. The arrival of a midfielder is therefore essential.

Paris Saint-Germain has not yet reached the status of Grand Duchy but has clearly crossed a course. It is now a very influential club that attracts more and more stars. See his name associated with PSG is a satisfaction and Idrizana Ghana Guaya gains it. From Dumbbell to Everton from Senegal to Everton and Aston Villa, IDRZAN GUIYE CAREER is on a higher crooked, PSG is merely a logical continuation.

Ghaly Wane

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