Ndigel Mouride triumph


The murdered Nidel again will triumph in the face of the general. Zichi Betheni Who wanted to get rid of Medinatu Salam, will now be resting in Bakhia according to the instructions of Serene Mountaba MBKBE, California General Murrides.

Another demonstration of the power of muridism by "Nidel". We remember the controversy during the reminder of God Cd. It was the strong resistance of his son, Cheish Neasse, despite the whims of the whore, and he was the only onion khalifa Niasce for his burial at Leona Niassene. Even Cd's son's son finally bends over to the calf's will.

Just to say that the "Nidle" is to be preserved and cultivated, among young people, heirs, in all religious homes, because it is a source of appeal.

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