Mamadou Tanja will be buried in his native village

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Niamey (Niger), 26 November (APS) – Former Nigerian President Mamadou Tanja, who died Tuesday at the age of 82, will be buried on Thursday in his hometown of Maïné Soroa in the Diffa area after the body lifting ceremony. In the Nigerian capital, UPS studied.

President Issufou Mahamadou, members of the government and the diplomatic corps will attend the ceremony to honor the memory of the former head of state.

Mr. Tanja died at the General Referral Hospital in Niamey, according to the Nigerian Press Agency (ANP).

A three-day national mourning was declared over the national territory.

Mamadou Tandja was born in 1938 in Maïné Soroa in the Diffa region. After primary school, he attended the military school of Katibogou in Mali in 1954, then the school of non-commissioned officers of Antananarivo (Madagascar) in 1963 and the school of officers of Bouaké in Cote d’Ivoire in 1965. …

Affectionately known as ‘Baba Tandja’ (Papa), he was for a time Minister and Ambassador, before becoming President of the Republic of Niger on 22 December 1999.

While he just exhausted his two constitutional terms of 5 years, he will try to run for a third.

A political crisis sets in and President Tanja will be overthrown on February 18, 2010 by a military coup led by Commander Salou Djibo.

Since then, former President Tanja Mamadou has been retired from Miami.